• A “People first approach” to RPA.

    With this approach from #Softomotive, you can start small (with RDA), Learn Quickly and Scale.

    You work with “Citizen Developers” (people who do the job) because they know best what works and what does not.

    It is not be left to a centralized department like the COE to make Automation happen.

    This app…[Read more]

  • SAP end to end Automation.

  • Communication skill not technical knowledge, is most sought skill to lead Digital Transformation.

    A survey carried out by recruitment consultancy Robert Half revealed that almost three-quarters (74%) of CIOs said communication skills are a top requirement for leading digital transformation, while 52% cited technical knowledge.

    Half of the 700…[Read more]

  • RPA is #3 most sought after skill among Freelancers on Upwork.

    Upwork if you do not know, is a platform where you can hire freelancers.

    They have an Upwork Skills Index which calculates year-over-year growth rates based on freelancer billings. RPA was third among the top 20 fastest-growing skills on Upwork.

  • #UiPath, has been voted by employees as one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces for 2019.

    UiPath is growing at an unprecedented rate for an enterprise software company: the company has grown its employee base to over 2,500, a 16x increase since April 2017.

    [Read more]

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